Why we use Cruelty Free products?

Why faux silk & faux mink eyelashes are becoming incredibly popular?

All our products are made of safe, high-quality spandex like synthetic materials. Faux Mink eyelashes are made to look and feel as soft as real mink fur, but still made of safe and cruelty-free synthetic material. Usually when people hear “Synthetic” & "Silk" they imagine a really hard stiff eyelash, but with the revolving technology these days we are now able to offer such silky effect lashes & most customers cannot tell the difference from our 3D to 6D effect to a real mink lash because they are so fluffy. 

Real mink also does not maintain its curl well and often needs to be curled again after washing the lashes. At our point of view, we see that there are millions of reasons why our lashes are better than real fur, and we have now no reason at all to use real mink fur in eyelashes.

You also get a full peace of mind knowing you are not buying into cruelty.