First set of lashes, or just want a reminder or some helpful tips? Follow the steps below for best results from your Lashes.

  • Peel your lashes away from the tray by holding the end of the lash with tweezers.
  • Measure up against you eye, and trim both ends as required for easier eyelash application.
  • The glue should be "tacky" before applying.
  • Position each lash slightly above your natural lashes.
  • Beginning at the inside corner of eye, press gently across entire lash to secure in place.
  • Viola! Go flaunt your gorgeous new lashes!


To remove, gently remove working from the outer to inner of the eye. Then gently take off the excess glue on the band of lash to keep them clean. This is really important, as excess glue can harden and damage the delicate band.

Look after your lashes by keeping them away from oil based makeup and mascaras.

You can remove excess makeup from your lashes to help keep them looking great, all you need is some cotton swabs or wool, and an (oil free!) makeup cleanser. With proper care and TLC, you can expect to get up to 30 wears out of most of our lashes!